Tournament Policies

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As an association of member clubs, Maine Golf events are open to all amateur members of golf clubs belonging to Maine Golf.

To be eligible to compete, a player must have some form of playing privileges at an Maine Golf member club. Membership at the club level is defined as holding at least a 10-play card at that club, extending up to a full membership. Players must also have a Handicap Index® issued by their club and administered by Maine Golf. Additional eligibility criteria may be in place for specific tournaments. Please see the Terms of Competition for all championship criteria.

Players have until May 15 (or the season opening of the club, whichever is later) to become a paid member of that club or association with an active Handicap Index account at that club. Afterward, the member will not be eligible to play in Maine Golf events until obligations for eligibility have been fulfilled.

All Maine Golf tournaments are open to employees of member clubs, who may play if they meet amateur status and handicap criteria outlined above. Active duty service members who are stationed in Maine and living here and are members of Maine Golf affiliated clubs are also eligible.

Terms of Competition

The Local Rules for the non-championship competitions will be determined by the host club and conveyed through the Maine Golf tournament administrator on site. Maine Golf Terms of Competition (“Hard Card”) will be in effect.

Different Maine Golf events have different criteria for eligibility and for obtaining tee times, and all information will be posted under the various events on the Maine Golf website.

For the purpose of rules interpretations in any multi format-event of both individual and team play, when there is a conflict in the Rules of Golf, rules for team play will take precedence.

For all championships, eligibility and criteria will be posted online and can be found under the Terms of Competition for each event.

Guest Policy

Our Maine Golf Play Days are open to members of other state and regional golf associations, who may play as guests on a courtesy basis, with a limit of once per season. These players must have a valid Handicap Index or they will play at scratch. Guests can not win voucher prizes.

Championship Eligibility

Major Maine Golf Championships, including the Maine Amateur, the Maine Women’s Amateur, the Senior Women’s Amateur, the Senior Amateur, the Mid-Amateur, and the Junior Championship are restricted to Maine residents. Non-residents who have been members of Maine Golf-affiliated clubs for at least 10 years and who live or vacation full-time in Maine for three months annually are also eligible.

Only one participant in the Parent/Child Championship is required to belong to Maine Golf.

Juniors who summer in Maine, who are members of a Maine Golf member club and who compete in at least five NEPGA Junior Tour events are also eligible for the Junior Championship (but not our other championships). Players must be members in good standing of a Maine Golf member club before championship application.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations from Maine Golf events vary from competition to competition, and it is the players’ responsibility to know what the cancellation policy is. Any questions can be directed to any Maine Golf member staff member who will help you. See the Terms of Competition for each championship for cancellation policies.

Online payments will be refunded electronically in accordance with the Maine Golf refund policy.

Players are responsible for notifying a Maine Golf tournament administrator in charge of the event if they cancel on the day of the event. Do not leave a message at the club or at the Maine Golf office or with the host club. The tournament administrators may all be reached by email.

Unusual circumstances regarding cancellations and/or refunds will be considered individually.

Pace of Play

Our organization recognizes that pace of play is the responsibility of all players in the field. Each player in a foursome should practice behaviors that support “ready golf” at all times. The following pace of play policy will be in effect:

Slow players as determined by a gap of 20 minutes or more between pairing group will receive a warning letter for each of the first two infractions. The third infraction will result in the assessment of a two-stroke penalty for the tournament in which the infraction occurred, to be assessed on the last hole.

Championship events have their own pace of play policy, which will be posted with the Terms of Competition for the event.


Prizes in all Maine Golf events are given in the form of vouchers, and prizes given are based upon the size of the field in the competition. Winnings are credited to a voucher account in that player’s name and can be accumulated indefinitely as long as the player remains active in Maine Golf. Once a player is inactive for a period of two years, unclaimed prize money will be designated for Maine Golf’s charitable purposes.

Players may draw vouchers against accumulated winnings at any time, either on site at any Maine Golf tournament, or by calling Maine Golf office at 829-3549. Players may also request vouchers via email at Once a voucher is written, the player will have 90 days in which to redeem it, after which time it will become null and void, and the face amount will be forfeited to charity.

Vouchers are redeemable at Maine Golf member club pro shops at full face value, or they may be used for merchandise or cart fees at Maine Golf events. They also may be donated back to Maine Golf for charitable purposes.

Players who charge carts to their voucher accounts are responsible for knowing their voucher balance. On the first offense of charging a cart when sufficient credit is not available, the player will lose the privilege of using vouchers for carts in Maine Golf events.

Players wishing to donate voucher winnings to either help a competitor with costs of a USGA competition or to any Maine Golf Scholarship funds may do so by contacting the Maine Golf office.

Important Note: Any players who abuse the voucher system may be subject to loss of amateur status and/or suspension from Maine Golf events.


All players in Maine Golf handicap events must have a valid Handicap Index with only one GHIN number. Players without a Handicap Index may be prohibited from competing, or may be required to compete at scratch.

All event handicapping will be administered by Maine Golf staff at the direction of the Maine Golf Handicap Committee. The Handicap Committee is the final authority regarding handicapping in any Maine Golf event. Any question regarding handicapping should be directed to the Maine Golf executive director, who will take unresolved matters to the Handicap Committee.

Grievance Policy

Maine Golf will address any grievance that is presented to Maine Golf in writing. The member will put in writing a signed grievance (including details, date, time and place of the incident).

The grievance will be address by the executive director, who will attempt to bring it to a resolution. If the executive director is unable to solve the problem, or if the person submitting the grievance is unsatisfied with the executive director’s ruling, it may be appealed to the Grievance Committee, which will set a date to hear the complaint and will decide on any sanction.

The Grievance Committee will then report end results to the Maine Golf Board of Directors.

Refund Policy

Advanced entry fees will be refunded regardless of reason if Maine Golf is notified before the close of entries. Refunds of entries made by credit or debit card will be applied to that same card, in keeping with proper merchant processing protocol. An administrative fee may be applied to some refunds. After the close of entries, fees will be refunded only if the tournament remains full. No refunds will be given after the start of the tournament. Unusual circumstances will be considered individually.

Dress Code and Behavior

Players and their caddies must wear appropriate golf attire and meet the dress codes of the host club. Generally, shirts must have collars and jeans are not allowed. Metal spikes are not allowed in any event.

Players and their caddies are guests at host clubs and must be cordial and polite to the management and employees of the host clubs, as well as to each other. Maine Golf reserves the right to cancel entries of those who do not comply with the dress code and/or whose behavior is disruptive or offensive. Maine Golf also reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member who repeatedly fails to comply with dress or behavior standards. Any concerns or complaints a player may have must be brought directly to the Maine Golf office, not to the host club.

It is the responsibility of every player in each Maine Golf tournament to know the Rules of Golf. Our scorers are excellent resources for questions on the Rules, so don’t be shy to ask if you need help with a ruling.

Players are reminded that everyone in the group is expected to protect the integrity of the field, and group captains must bring all rules violations to the attention of the Maine Golf scorer. If in doubt, the player should invoke the second ball rule and confer with the Maine Golf scorer before turning in the scorecard.

Players must strictly adhere to the Rules of Golf. Players caught cheating will be disqualified and may face further penalties, such as the revocation of their Handicap Index.

In addition, players are expected to adhere to standards of etiquette, respecting both the players, the host club, and the golf course at all times.

Maine Golf participants are also expected to follow other posted club rules as they apply. Unbecoming behavior or breach of rules, including etiquette, could lead to loss of playing privileges in all Maine Golf events.