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How to Donate

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How to Give to the Maine Golf Scholarship Fund

It’s only a game, right? Particularly at the amateur level, that’s an accurate comment about the game of golf. But for many of us, it’s an important part of our recreational life. It is a central element to our busy lives, and we’re lucky to be able to play the game as a competitive escape in this great state.

In Maine, casual golfers have done more than simply play a game. They have created a legacy for the next generation to follow their footsteps along friendly fairways, making the rough more navigable. In 1950, members of the Maine State Golf Association established an endowment fund for young Mainers with ties to golf to attend colleges and universities across the country. Making a donation to the Maine Golf Scholarship Fund can help us to continue this legacy and tradition for generations to come!

At any given time, there are currently more than 30 young men and women from Maine receiving help with college costs from the Maine Golf Scholarship Fund. Since its inception, more than 500 young Maine golfers have been able to pursue higher education with the help of this fund. We invite you to continue this wonderful tradition started back in 1950 by making a donation to the Scholarship Fund today.

In Maine, it’s not just a game… it’s a legacy. Become a part of it!

Ways to Give to the Maine Golf Scholarship Fund

The easiest way is to donate any amount of money using the secure link above. Players may also donate a portion of your Maine Golf winnings back to the Scholarship Fund. The donation is easily deducted from your Maine Golf account and transferred to the fund. Because your Maine Golf prize winnings are not considered income, donations from winnings are not tax deductible.

Alternatively, think of the Maine Golf Scholarship Fund while planning your charitable gifts every year. Donations to the fund are fully tax deductible. Or you can choose to honor or remember your friends and relatives with a scholarship contribution given in their names.

For those of you to whom golf is very special, plan ahead and consider naming the Maine Golf Scholarship Fund in either your will or as the charity for whom you’d like donations to be made on your passing. Or consider taking a life insurance policy and naming the fund as the benefactor. The contributions you make will ensure that you’re remembered for generations to come. And you’ll make a significant contribution to the future as well. For more information on charitable bequests, see below.

Charitable Bequest

Unless you indicate in your will that a specific part of your estate is to go to a favorite charity, it is unlikely to ever happen. Without a will, you’ll have no guarantee the heirs prescribed by law will follow through with your wishes.

Here is some simple language when you visit your attorney to include in your new will, or to add a codicil to your existing will, that makes it easy to make a gift to the Maine Golf:

“I give and bequeath to the Maine State Golf Association the sum of $_________ to be used for its Scholarship Fund.”

“I give, devise, and bequeath to the Maine State Golf Association for its general purposes all (or state a fraction or percentage) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal.”