Maine Four-Ball Champions

The Four-Ball Championship began in 1991 as the Two Man Championship, which featured various formats of scramble, best ball, and alternate shot. The MSGA changed the event to a four-ball in 2013 to mirror the USGA adding the Four-Ball championship to their national championship schedule.

1991Woodlands ClubDave Brewster
Mark Plummer
1992Falmouth CCDave Mitchell
Dan Sargent
1993Woodlands ClubCancelled (rain)
1994Woodlands Club
Sable Oaks GC
Dave Brewster
Mark Plummer
1995Woodlands Club
Sable Oaks GC
Eric Bleile
Casey Bourque
1996Woodlands Club
Purpoodock Club
Eric Bleile
Casey Bourque
1997Woodlands Club
Falmouth CC
Gary Manoogian
Bourke O’Brien
1998Augusta CC
Waterville CC
Gary Laliberte
Neil Laliberte
1999Waterville CC
Belgrade Lakes GC
Scott Dewitt
Keith Patterson
2000Nonesuch River GC
Sable Oaks GC
Scott Dewitt
Keith Patterson
2001Purpoodock Club
Prouts Neck CC
Scott Dewitt
Keith Patterson
2002Sugarloaf GCScott Dewitt
Keith Patterson
2003Falmouth CC
Woodlands Club
Scott Dewitt / Keith Patterson
Tom Bean/ Jason Gall (tie)
2004Sugarloaf GCCorey Poulin
Tim Poulin
2005Sugarloaf GCCorey Poulin
Tim Poulin
2006Sugarloaf GCRoss McGee
Toby Spector
2007Sugarloaf GCGary Manoogian
Mark Plummer
2008Sunday River GCRyan Gay
Mark Plummer
2009Sunday River GCJay Plourd
Mark Siewertsen
2010 Falmouth CCScott Dewitt
Keith Patterson
2011Falmouth CC     Gary Laliberte
Peter Wright (playoff)
2012Sugarloaf GCBrian Bilodeau
Phil Bilodeau
2013Brunswick GCJoe Alvarez
Mark Plummer
2014Brunswick GCAshley Fifield
Mike O’Brien (playoff)
2015Fox Ridge GCJoe Baker
Mike Doran
2016Webhannet GCJason Gall
Scott Sirois
2017 Fox Ridge GCJoe Baker
Mike Doran
2018Sable Oaks GCChris Deroche
James Frost
2019Northeast Harbor GC
Kebo Valley GC
Brian Angis
Joe Hamilton
2020Bangor Municipal GCWill Kannegieser
Drew Powell
2021Bridgton Highlands CCBrian Bilodeau
Jace Pearson
2022Rockland GCBrian Bilodeau
Jace Pearson
2023Rockland GCDrew Glasheen
Garrett Olson