Maine Women’s Amateur Champions

Prior to their merger with the MSGA in 2017, two separate women’s associations existed in the state of Maine, both with their own rich histories of golf in the Pine Tree State. The Women’s Maine State Golf Association (WMSGA) was the first in existence, and conducted their state championship for the first time in 1927. The Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association (SMWGA) was founded in the 1970’s and ran its first championship in 1977. In 2012 the two associations decided to hold one state championship, named the Maine Women’s Amateur, to determine one overall state champion for Maine.

WMSGA Champions (1927 to 2011)

1927Helen Payson
1928Helen Payson
1929Katherine Singer
1930Katherine Singer
1931Helen Payson Corson
1932Martha Brewer
1933Dorothy Richards
1934Dorothy Richards
1935Gladys Blaisdell
1936Emma Bradley
1937Ruth Hutchins
1938Ruth Hutchins
1939Mary Holt
1940Helen Tolan
1941Emma Bradley
1942-45Not Held (WWII)
1946Emma Bradley
1947Mary Holt
1948Constance Hedin
1949Jane Farmer
1950Jane Farmer
1951Mary Sleeper
1952Evelyn Grant Seitzinger
1953Evelyn Grant Brown
1954Connie Malia
1955Arline Gilman
1956Connie Malia
1957Arline Gilman
1958Martha Page
1959Martha Page
1960Martha Page
1961Martha Page
1962Martha Page
1963Martha Page
1964Pennie Page
1965Pennie Page
1966Pennie Page
1967Betty Morway
1968Cynthia Paquet
1969Margaret Whelpley
1970Nancy Rowe
1971Martha Page White
1972Pennie Page
1973Martha Page White
1974Martha Page White
1975Martha Page White
1976Debby Graffman
1977Debby Graffman
1978Debby Graffman
1979Cindy Treadwell
1980Leah Kortizky
1981Mary Ouellette
1982Mary Ouellette
1983Mary Ouellette
1984Martha Page White
1985Mary Ouellette
1986Mary Ouellette
1987Mary Ouellette
1988Holly Anderson
1989Mary Ouellette
1990Julie Green
1991Lisa Jensen
1992Martha Page White
1993Rindy Garner
1994Martha Page White
1995Pennie Page Cummings
1996Abby Spector
1997Abby Spector
1998Abby Spector
1999Abby Spector
2000Abby Spector
2001Abby Spector
2002Alyssa Hayes
2003Abby Spector
2004Lori Frost
2005Lori Frost
2006Pennie Cummings
2007Kristin Kannegieser
2008Alexa Rancourt
2009Alexa Rancourt
2010Kristin Kannegieser
2011Emily Bouchard

SMWGA Champions (1977 to 2011)

1977Cindy Choate
1978Joyce Beecher
1979Cindy Choate
1980Cindy Choate
1981Donna Lyons
1982 Merri Hudson
1983Merri Hudson 
1984Holly Anderson
1985Cindy Choate
1986Holly Anderson
1987Holly Anderson
1988Cindy Choate
1989Lisa Jensen
1990Lisa Jensen
1991Lisa Jensen
1992Cindy Choate
1993Laurie Hyndman
1994Laurie Hyndman
1995Midge Danaher
1996Laurie Hyndman
1997Bernice Vadnais
1998Laura Gagnon
1999Mary Brandes
2000Laurie Hyndman
2001Mary Brandes
2002Laura Gagnon
2003Laurie Hyndman
2004Mary Brandes
2005Leslie Guenther
2006Mary Brandes
2007Laurie Hyndman
2008Alexa Rancourt
2009Leslie Guenther
2010Leslie Guenther
2011Leslie Guenther

Maine Women’s Amateur Champions (2012 to current)

2012Emily Bouchard
2013Emily Bouchard
2014Leslie Guenther
2015Staci Creech
2016Staci Creech
2017Staci CreechMartindale CC
2018Bailey PlourdeRockland GC
2019Jordan LaplumeWebhannet GC
2020Ruby HaylockAugusta CC
2021Bailey PlourdeBangor Municipal GC
2022Ruby HaylockPortland CC
2023Erin HolmesBrunswick GC