Men’s Tri-State Champions

The men’s Tri-State matches are a longstanding annual tradition between the northern New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Dating back to 19XX, this Ryder Cup style even puts the top amateur golfers from the three states against each other over two days of fun and competitive matches. Currently, the team is comprised of 10 mid-amateur golfers and 4 senior golfers chosen by the state’s Allied Golf Association.

1935Manchester CCNHNew Hampshire
1936Rutland CCVTVermont
1937Augusta CCMEMaine
1938Hanover CC,NHNew Hampshire
1939Ekwanok CCVTVermont
1940Portland CCMEMaine
1941Hanover CCNHVermont
1942-45Not held due to WWII 
1946 VTNew Hampshire
1947Augusta CCMENew Hampshire
1948Nashua CCNHNew Hampshire
1949Burlington CCVTNew Hampshire
1950Bath CCMENew Hampshire
1951Concord CCNHNew Hampshire
1952St. AlbansVTVermont
1953Augusta CCMEMaine
1954Hanover CCNHNew Hampshire
1955St. Albans CCVTNew Hampshire
1956Boothbay Region CCMEMaine
1957 NHVermont
1958Rutland CCVTNew Hampshire
1959Boothbay Region CCMEMaine
1960Concord CCNHNew Hampshire
1961Manchester CCVTVermont
1962 MEMaine
1963Laconia CCNHNew Hampshire
1964Burlington CCVTNew Hampshire
1965Augusta CCMENew Hampshire
1966Manchester CCNHNew Hampshire
1967Sugarbush CCVTNew Hampshire
1968Portland CCMENew Hampshire
1969Nashua CCNHNew Hampshire
1970Crown Point CCVTVermont
1971Augusta CCMEMaine
1972Manchester CCNHNew Hampshire
1973Stowe CCVTMaine
1974Purpoodock ClubMEMaine
1975Concord CCNHNew Hampshire
1976Rutland CCVTNew Hampshire
1977Martindale CCMEMaine
1978Laconia CCNHNew Hampshire
1979Sugarbush CCVTMaine
1980Waterville CCMEMaine
1981Manchester CCNHNew Hampshire
1982Burlington CCVTNew Hampshire
1983Webhannet GCMENew Hampshire
1984Concord CCNHNew Hampshire
1985Rutland CCVTMaine
1986Portland CCMENew Hampshire
1987Nashua CCNHVermont
1988Rutland CCVTVermont
1989Falmouth CCMEVermont
1990Nashua CCNHNew Hampshire
1991Burlington CCVTNew Hampshire
1992Woodlands ClubMENew Hampshire
1993Laconia CCNHNew Hampshire
1994Basin Harbor GCVTNew Hampshire
1995Martindale CCMEMaine
1996Kingswood GCNHMaine
1997Basin Harbor GCVTNew Hampshire
1998Penobscot Valley CCMEVermont
1999Concord CCNHNew Hampshire
2000Crown Point CCVTNew Hampshire
2001Dunegrass GCMEMaine
2002Concord CCNHNew Hampshire
2003Brattleboro CCVTNew Hampshire
2004Augusta CCMENew Hampshire
2005Kingswood GCNHMaine
2006Vermont National CCVTVermont
2007Augusta CCMEVermont
2008Passaconaway CCNHNew Hampshire
2009Burlington CCVTVermont
2010Falmouth CCMENew Hampshire
2011Portsmouth CCNHNew Hampshire
2012Jay Peak GCVTMaine
2013Martindale CCMEMaine
2014Concord CCNHNew Hampshire
2015Manchester CCVTNew Hampshire
2016Belgrade Lakes GCMENew Hampshire
2017Mt. Washington ResortNHNew Hampshire
2018Brattleboro CCVTNew Hampshire
2019Sunday River GCMEMaine
2020Not Held due to COVID 
2021Owl’s Nest ResortNHNew Hampshire
2022Manchester CCVTNew Hampshire