Mixed Champions

The Mixed Championship features two-player sides comprised of one male and one female player. The event is traditionally played as an 18-hole modified foursomes (alternate shot) competition.

1978Penobscot Valley CCBob Girvan / Mary Ouellette
1981Brunswick GCPaul Browne / Elizabeth Browne
1982Natanis GCButch Farley / Helen Plourd
1984Penobscot Valley CCKeith Patterson / Martha White
1985Penobscot Valley CCKeith Patterson / Martha White
1986Penobscot Valley CCKeith Patterson / Martha White
1987Penobscot Valley CCJerry Mangawang / Martha White
1988Springbrook GCRick Newbrauer / Pennie Cummings
1989Springbrook GCMark Plummer / Mary Jane Asselin
1990Springbrook GCRon Brown, Jr. / Lisa Jensen
1991Martindale CCRon Brown, Jr. / Lisa Jensen
1992Brunswick GCRomeo Laberge / Donna Moutsatsos
Jeff Dutil / Bernice Vadnais (tie)
1993Brunswick GCHal Plummer / Judy Plummer
1994Kennebec Heights CCWeldon deMeurers / Pat deMeurers
1995Kennebec Heights CCSteve Bouthot / Pennie Cummings
1996Kennebec Heights CCCharlie Pray / Jennifer Cieslak
1997Kennebec Heights CCSteve Bouthot / Pennie Cummings
1998Kennebec Heights CCRyan Day / Abby Spector
1999Point Sebago GCFrank Magoon / Julie Magoon
2000Riverside GCSteve Bouthot / Pennie Cummings
2001Kennebec Heights CCJon Ladd / Julie Treadwell
2002Kennebec Heights CCKeith Patterson / Martha White
2003Kennebec Heights CCToby Spector / Abby Spector
2004Boothbay CCKeith Patterson / Martha White
2005Springbrook GCKeith Patterson / Martha White
2006Springbrook GCJeff Dutil / Bernice Vadnais
2007Springbrook GCSteve Bouthot / Pennie Cummings
2008Boothbay CCLowell Watson / Cyndi Watson
2009Rockland GCKeith Patterson / Martha White
2010Val Halla GCJohn Bouchard / Emily Bouchard
2011Val Halla GCJohn Bouchard / Emily Bouchard
2012Boothbay CCJohn Bouchard / Emily Bouchard (MC)
2013Val Halla GCMike O’Brien / Kathi O’Grady
2014Willowdale GCChris King / Sally Williams
Malcolm Oliver / Bailey Plourde (tie)
2015Boothbay Harbor CCKarlton Creech / Staci Creech
Joe Hamilton / Emily Bouchard (tie)
2016Martindale CC James Frost Jr. / Lori Frost
Jace Pearson & Pennie Cummings (tie)
2017Rockland GC Bill Meggison / Micki Meggison
Ron Leeman / Ashley Golden (tie)
2018Cape Arundel GCWill Kannegieser / Kristen Kannegieser
2019Fairlawn G&CCWill Kannegieser / Kristen Kannegieser
2020Turner Highlands CCBailey Plourde / Hans Stromberg
2021Willowdale GCRuby Haylock / Luke Ruffing
2022Fairlawn GCJade Haylock / Eli Spaulding
2023Val Halla GCJade Haylock / Eli Spaulding