About Youth on Course

Youth on Course brings affordable course access to youth golfers throughout the state of Maine. The $5 annual membership fee gives youth golfers ages 6-18 access to play at any participating course throughout Maine and across the country for $5 or less per round.

When players join Youth on Course through Maine Golf, they will also get an official Handicap Index® so they can post their scores and track their progress!

How to Register

Step 1: Sign up for Youth on Course

Sign up for your membership, which will be valid through the end of 2022. Please be sure to enter the Youth on Course member’s name and information. Register here.

Step 2: Complete the Youth on Course online curriculum

After you have registered, you will need to take the online curriculum to show you’re ready for the course. This will only take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Access the curriculum page here.

Step 3: Get your membership card

Registered golfers can access their membership card by downloading the Youth on Course mobile app. You can also create a printable membership card by clicking here.

Step 4: Get out and play!

Find a participating Maine golf course and get out and play golf for $5 or less!

Still have questions? Click here to check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.


Golf CourseWeekday AvailabilityWeekend AvailabilityCost
Apple Valley GCBetween 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.After 2 p.m.$5
Bangor Municipal GCAnytimeAfter 12 p.m.$5
Barnes Brook GCAnytime (must be with adult)Anytime (must be with adult)$4
Bath GCMon. to Thur. after 12 p.m.Fri. to Sun. after 2 p.m.$5
Caribou CCMon. after 12 p.m.; Tue. before 2 p.m
Wed. anytime; Thur. before 1 p.m.
Castine GCAnytimeAnytime$5
Deep Brook GCAfter 2 p.m. (call in advance)After 2 p.m. (call in advance)$5
Dutch Elm GCAnytime on Mon. and Tue.After 3 p.m.$5
Hidden Meadows GCAnytimeAnytime$5
Highland Green GCAnytimeAnytime$3
JW Parks GCAnytimeAfter 12 p.m. (call in advance)$5
Maine Golf Center FreeportAnytimeAnytime$5
Mars Hill CCAnytimeAfter 12 p.m.$5
Old Marsh CCMon. to Thur. after 2 p.m.
Fri. after 3 p.m.
After 3 p.m.$5
Presque Isle CCAfter 3 p.m.After 1 p.m.$3 / 9
$5 / 18
Riverside GCAnytimeAfter 1 p.m.$5
Sheepscot LinksAnytimeAfter 12 p.m.$5
South Portland MunicipalAnytimeAnytime$5
The Meadows GCAnytimeAfter 12 p.m.$3 / 9
$5 / 18
Toddy Brook GCBetween 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.After 2 p.m.$3 / 9
$5 / 18
Turner Highlands GCAfter 12 p.m.After 2 p.m.$3 / 9
$5 / 18
Val Halla GCUnavailableAfter 2 p.m.$5
Wawenock GCAnytimeAfter 12 p.m.$5