Youth on Course FAQ

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YOC provides juniors who are 6-19 years old access to participating golf clubs for no more than $5. Participating clubs sign a Course Agreement that specifies when this YOC Rate is available at their club. 
Participating club and the Maine Golf agree upon a subsidy, which the course receives for each logged YOC Round. This subsidy is generated through Maine Golf and YOC fundraising efforts. 

It’s extremely easy for a course to get involved! A club official can fill out a “Course Interest Form”. This form will provide us with the pertinent information to generate a Course Agreement. Any questions can be directed to A.J. Simokaitis at aj@Maine

Signing your child up is easy! Simply visit the Youth On Course website by clicking here.
You’ll want to type in your ZIP Code and proceed to fill out the required fields. Membership is $5 and will give your child access to 20 courses across Maine. 

Registration information can also be found on the Youth On Course section of our website. 

Upon registering for a YOC membership, all juniors will gain access to a mobile app. They will be required to complete a quick and basic course readiness activity prior to playing their first round. 

Members will make tee times by calling the participating club. Upon arrival at the club, the YOC member will need to check into the golf shop by presenting their membership information. Membership information is found on the YOC mobile app. 

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