Maine Senior Amateur Champions

The Maine Senior Amateur Championship is open to Maine resident golfers who are 55 years of age or older. Since its inception in the 1960s, this tournament has been the premier individual championship for senior players in the state of Maine.

1962Lew Hodges
1963Bob Marx
1964Webhannet GCLarry Leete
1965Larry Leete
1966Boothbay Region GCDr. Leonardo Buck
1967Frank Sample
1968Rockland GCDr. Steve Polackwich
1969Rockland GCDr. Leonardo Buck
1971Purpoodock Club 
1974Augusta CCDr. Leonardo Buck
1977Bath CC
1978Springbrook GCDr. Leonardo Buck
1981Freeport CC
1990Brunswick GCRichard Marshall
1991Portland CCDr. Ray Lebel
1992Purpoodock ClubDick Sheldon & Bunker Spear
1993York G&TC     Bill Bonney
1994Prouts Neck CCDick Day
1995Brunswick GCDick Sheldon
1996Poland Spring GCDr. Ray Lebel
1997Fairlawn G&CCPaul Renaud
1998Martindale CCLaddie Deemer
1999York G&TC / Sanford CCRalph Noel
2000Poland Spring GC / Fairlawn G&CCBrent Mohr
2001Fairlawn G&CC / Spring Meadows GCLowell Watson
2002Waterville CC / Augusta CCRalph Noel
2003Portland CC / Fox Ridge GCAlan Bouchard
2004Fox Ridge GC / Martindale CCPaul Pelletier
2005Biddeford-Saco CC / Purpoodock ClubAlan Bouchard
2006York G&TC / Cape Arundel GCGary Laliberte
2007Purpoodock Club / Portland CCMark Plummer
2008Cape Arundel GC / Prouts Neck CCMark Plummer
2009Natanis GC (Tomahawk)Jim Quinn
2010Biddeford-Saco CC / Nonesuch River GCRon Lehr
2011Waterville CCMark Plummer
2012Brunswick GCMark Plummer
2013Dunegrass CCJim Van Fleet
2014Penobscot Valley CCLowell Watson
2015Brunswick GCGary Manoogian
2016Biddeford-Saco CC Ronald Dery
2017The Woodlands / Falmouth CCMark Plummer
2018Waterville CCLen Cole
2019York G&TCMark Plummer
2020Riverside GC (North)Dan Falcone
2021Natanis GC (Tomahawk)Mike O’Brien
2022Purpoodock ClubKeith Patterson
2023Northeast Harbor GC / Kebo Valley ClubKeith Patterson

*There are a few pieces of information missing from the records for the Maine Senior Amateur Championship. If you have any information on missing venues or past champions, please send an email to