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Maine Golf Membership

If you are a member of a Maine Golf club and have a Handicap Index® from that club, you’re eligible to play in our events.

Tournament Winnings

We establish an account for everyone who plays in a Maine Golf event. After each event the winnings are added to the players’ accounts. A player may at any time ask Maine Golf for a voucher for all or any part of the total winnings in his account. The player then takes the voucher to the Maine Golf member club pro shop of his choosing and uses it to buy merchandise. Vouchers are meant to be used within 90 days of issue.

No. You can let your winnings accumulate in your account for as long as you remain active with Maine Golf. At the end of the second consecutive season in which you do not participate in any events, we will transfer any winnings that remain in your account to the Maine Golf Scholarship Fund or other Maine Golf charitable purpose and delete your account from our database.

The shop needs to send Maine Golf vouchers back to the Maine Golf office for reimbursement in a timely fashion. The Maine Golf has no way to know whether the player ever redeemed the voucher at a pro shop if it doesn’t come back to the Maine Golf office for reimbursement. Typically it will take Maine Golf a week to 10 days to pay the shop for vouchers submitted for reimbursement. Every year, a small number of vouchers issued to players do not find their way back to Maine Golf office for reimbursement. At the end of the golf season, Maine Golf identifies vouchers issued the prior calendar year but not submitted for reimbursement and removes them from the voucher system by transferring those amounts to the Scholarship Fund. After that, a pro shop cannot be paid for an old voucher.

Online registration and Score Posting

The most common reason for problems with membership registration is the player is not using their GHIN number, or the GHIN number is inactive. A player who has played Maine Golf events in the recent past will already have a “profile” linked to their GHIN number, but might not have a username and password. He or she needs to register as a new user, and has to plug in his GHIN number in order to avoid creating a second profile. Then just update any incorrect data and complete the new user registration.

In May, Maine Golf invoices the clubs for all players active on their GHIN roster. Clubs can control which players they are invoiced for by inactivating part or all of their rosters in late April or the very first part of May. If you are suddenly unable to post your scores online, chances are your club has inactivated you, and your first call should be to the club.

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