Maine Golf Player Voucher List

When a player wins prize money in a Maine Golf event, winnings get credited to their voucher account. These winnings can be used for most purchases at any Maine Golf member club, from pro shop merchandise, to cart fees, to bag storage dues. Each Maine Golf member club is different in what they choose to accept vouchers for, so be sure to check in advance with each club. 

Maine Golf displays the player voucher list online. Use the list to check on your prize account balance. The published list will be updated only once or twice a week, not in real-time. All questions or requests regarding the Maine Golf voucher system should be directed to Sherrie Thomas at

Note that players are sorted by account number, not strictly by alphabet, so if you don’t find your name immediately, keep scrolling!

All winnings will remain in a player’s account as long as they remain active with Maine Golf. Only after a period of two years of inactivity will a player’s winnings be transferred to the Scholarship Fund.