Parent/Child Champions

The Parent/Child is an annual event where teams comprised of a parent and child partner up to play in a modified foursomes (alternate shot) competition. Prior to the merger between the MSGA and the state’s two women’s golf associations in Maine in 2018, this event was known as the Father/Son Championship, but has since expanded to include players of both genders to make it one of the more enjoyable family golf events of the summer.

1957Bridgton Highlands CCJohn O. & John W. Levinson
1958Augusta CCBern & Bill Mitchell
1959Augusta CCDon & Pete Hanscom
1960Poland Spring GCWilfred & Tom Benoit
1961Penobscot Valley CCWilfred & Tom Benoit
1962Poland Spring GCAl & Jack Baumer
1963Not Held
1964Boothbay Region GCDick & Duffy McAllister
1965Brunswick NAS GCSaul & John Gerber
Bob & Bob Fleury (tie)
1966Val Halla GCStan & Stan Plummer
1967Val Halla GCSaul & John Gerber
1968Boothbay Region GCStan & Mark Plummer
1969Purpoodock ClubAnthony & Antonio Palanza
1971Springbrook GCAnthony & Antonio Palanza
1973Poland Spring CCAnthony & Antonio Palanza
1991Augusta CCChip & Brett Morrison
1992Natanis GCJohn & Mike Norris
1993Natanis GCJohn & Mike Norris
1994Natanis GCDon & Don Arnold
1995Natanis GCStan & Mark Plummer
1996Natanis GCJamie & Chad Place
1997Natanis GCJerry & Brett Tirrell
1998Natanis GCGlenn & Greg Hanna
1999Natanis GCStan & Mark Plummer
2000Natanis GCJim & Scott Stone
2001Lakewood GCJamie & Chad Place
2002Natanis GCAlan & Adam Bouchard
Stan & Mark Plummer (tie)
2003Natanis GCEdward & Erik Clark
Jim & Scott Stone (tie)
2004Natanis GCStan & Mark Plummer
2005Natanis GCBruce & Todd Kirn
2006Natanis GCMark & Stewart Hanley
2007Natanis GCTim & Donald Flanagan
2008Lakewood GCPeter & Chris Deroche
2009Natanis GCMicky & Nate Davis
2010    Natanis GCMicky & Nate Davis
2011Natanis GCTim & Ben Estabrook
Jon & Greg Martin (tie)
2012Natanis GCJon & Greg Martin
2013Natanis GCDan & Seth Sweet
George & Josh Hogan (tie)
2014Natanis GCJim & Scott Stone
Dan & DJ Honan (tie)
2015Natanis GCJim & Mike Caron
2016 Bath CCKevin & Andy LeConte
2017Natanis GCJim & Mike Caron
2018Natanis GCPeter & Chris Deroche
2019Natanis GCLen & Ryan Cole
2020Martindale CCTim & Ben Estabrook
Kristin & Will Kannegieser (tie)
2021Springbrook GCBrian & Liam Reading
2022Natanis GCHarry & Jade Haylock
2023Willowdale GCGeorge & Josh Hogan