AUBURN, MAINE – Maine won the Tri-State Championship for the first time in 14 years on Wednesday.  Led by captain Birdie Pearse, Maine won the 2-day championship with a score of 157 points; Vermont was second with 153 points; and New Hampshire was third with 95 points.  The event was hosted at Martindale Country Club and the course, dinner and staff were outstanding. 

The Tri-State Championship started in 1952 with the inaugural event held in Maine.  The event rotates amongst the three states and this is the third time Martindale has hosted the event.  Previously held in 1971 and 1980, Maine has won every time the Tri-States were held at Martindale.

Team members included Ruby Haylock, Thea Davis, Lindsay Cote, Kathi O’Grady, Julie Treadwell, Jade Haylock, Cecily Whiting, Mary Brandes, Micki Meggison, Heidi Haylock, Nancy Carlson, Bambi Stevens, Madolin Fogarty, Karen Richardson, Tracy Johnson, Marlene Viger, Christina Bournakel, Peggy Cummings, Susan Wootton, Vicki Lindquist, Cindy Shaw, Susan Coffin, Mary Ann Fortin, Sherrie Thomas, Linda Holmes, Pearl St. Pierre, Karen Higgins, Kathy Sproul, Birdie Pearse, Faith Vautour and Meriby Sweet.

Twelve clubs were represented on this year’s team.  They include Turner Highland GC, Hermon Meadows GC, Woodlands Club, JW Parks GC, Spring Meadows GC, Rockland GC, Bangor Muni GC, Sheepscot Links GC, Natanis GC, Falmouth CC, Penobscot Valley CC, Wawenock CC and Goose River GC.

This year’s event was dedicated to long-time member and dear friend Diane Herring.

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