The 2022 Tri-State Matches will take place at in Manchester, VT on September 23-25. This event dates back to 1935, pitting the northern New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont against each other in a two-day team match play competition. The host state changes every year, with Vermont hosting this year at Manchester CC.

Each state has a 14-player roster consisting of four seniors and ten mid-amateur players. Maine’s team is selected by choosing the top point earners from the previous season’s Player of the Year and Senior Player of the Year points races. This year the Maine team is represented by the following players:

  • Joe Alvarez, Webhannet GC
  • Mike Arsenault, Val Halla GC
  • Brian Bilodeau, Martindale CC
  • Kevin Byrne, Waterville CC
  • Tom Caron, Bangor Municipal GC
  • Jeff Cole, Brunswick GC
  • Tim Desmarais, Deep Brook GC
  • Scott Dewitt, Biddeford-Saco CC
  • Drew Glasheen, Waterville CC
  • Ron Kelton, Purpoodock Club
  • Mike O’Brien, Biddeford-Saco CC
  • Keith Patterson, Biddeford-Saco CC
  • Jace Pearson, Martindale CC
  • Luke Ruffing, Natanis GC

On Saturday the teams will play in seven modified alternate shot matches, followed by 14 singles matches on Sunday. The team with the most points after two days will keep the Tri-States trophy for the following year.