The Maine Golf is moving to BlueGolf for men’s Play day registration in 2022. If it looks familiar, it is the same system used by the NEPGA. 

We will be allowing players to become familiar with the system before we go live on Monday, April 4th, at 7:00 AM. The TEST is an 8-step process the first time through and is shorter every time after. Why? It includes an email verification process the first time through.  This saves time on April 4th.

Should you have an issue, please email the general mailbox of the Maine Golf at Maine Golf@Maine We will have two to three people reviewing all incoming emails.

Again, this is a TEST ONLY. Registration for the first three April events opens on April 4th at 7:00 AM.

Step-by-step instructions for 2022 men’s Play Days:

STEP 1:  Maine Golf members will go to the Play Day registration page HERE

STEP 2:  Click on the “register” button for the event. You will see the test event in your cart. Click on “proceed to checkout.”

STEP 3:  Verification of your email (use the same email address you use for GHIN).  An email will be forwarded to your email inbox.

STEP 4:  Go to your email INBOX (check spam too) and you should see the “click here” button in the body of the email.

STEP 5:  Complete the required information and click NEXT.

STEP 6:  Select an available tee time and click NEXT.

STEP 7:  Select the appropriate registration fee and click NEXT.  Fees are $0 in the TEST,  but during actual registration, the player will be charged the entry fee.

STEP 8: Click REGISTER to complete the process. You will receive a confirmation email.

Click here to view these step-by-step instructions with pictures for more detail

*Note: Only the team captain needs to pay for the tee time. This reserves the tee time for the entire group. Other players in the group will be able to register themselves online, or on site at the tournament.

Registration Dates for 2022 Men’s Play Days

Registration Opens Tournament Dates
April 4 (Mon)All April Events
April 11 (Mon)All May Events
May 2 (Mon)All June Events
June 6 (Mon)All July Events
July 5 (Tue)All August Events
August 1 (Mon)All September Events
September 6 (Tue)All October Events