There are many uses for your voucher winnings from when you play well in Maine Golf events. Depending on how your member club chooses to allow voucher redemptions, they can be used for more than just balls and tees. All of our prizes are paid back to our member clubs, so you’re not only getting some new swag yourself, but you’re also supporting the clubs that give us all a place to play golf here in the Pine Tree State.

Below are some examples of what you can purchase with your Maine Golf winnings:

  • Clubs, balls, equipment
  • Cart rentals
  • Greens fees
  • Clothing
  • Range tokens / range membership
  • Membership dues

Clubs are allowed to decide what they will use vouchers for, so be sure to check with individual pro shops to see what you can use your Maine Golf winnings on at their club.

Request a Voucher or Ask a Question

All inquiries about the Maine Golf voucher system should be directed to Sherrie Thomas using the button below. If you are requesting a voucher to be sent to a member club, please be sure to include the amount and the name of the golf course to send it to.